AfricaNight 2020: BRASS BAND EYO’NLE

Marching Band > BENIN

The Eyo’nle Marching Band : More than 2000 concerts around the world since 2005

Eyo’nlé, means « Be marry », expression of the Yoruba language: the language of Benin and Nigeria, Togo, Brazil, Cuba …

These eight musicians have ingeniously combined the heritage of Beninese festive music, percussion and the jazzy music of street bands, present in the brass arrangements. The songs, they stick to the news: democracy, AIDS, youth unemployment. These songs also celebrate traditional entertainment, voodoo ceremonies, ritual funerals and initiation rites. It sings, it moves, it dances, in short, it lives!

« We wanted to move away from the style of military fanfares and popular festivals, we studied our music, from voodoo, goun, yoruba and torri traditions and we created our own style, our own songs and our arrangements »

Mathieu Ahouandjinou – BBE

AfricaNight 2020: Sidiki Camara Group

Afro Jazz > Norway

A phenomenal Afro-Jazz combo!

With Audun Erlien on bass, Bendik Hofseth on saxophone, Jacob Young on guitar and André Viervoll on piano.
Sidiki is a percussionist and artist from Mali, known and recognized around the world. He is considered one of the leaders of West African Mandingo music. He established himself in the jazz world by sharing the stage with the older ones.

*Fashion call for projects*

More and more people are turning to a colorful and patterned fashion, which directly leads our mind to an image of Africa.

We then suggest to interested artist-stylists-dressmakers to create a project of 5 to 10 outfits each, to parade their models during the opening night of the « AfricaNight » festival for its 30th anniversary!

During this period of confinement, everyone seeks to exploit various talents within their habitat. This is an opportunity for those who have the fabric at home, to practice with enthusiasm, for a cultural and original project.

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To your notebooks and your sewing machines!