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Friday 08.10.2021

Rhode MakoumbouRepublic of Congo

Through her works, Rhode Makoumbou chooses to represent the daily activities in Africa, especially those of women. This is her way of highlighting her traditions. For her, it is interesting to talk about the cultural identity of each of us. Not as a value of opposition, but as a richness of the world, one that draws its sources from cultural diversity.

Questions about identity and the quest for artistic meaning will be on the program !

Women’s daily activities in Africa

Africa in the night, secret of the mask’s fragments

Asia Nyembo Democratic Republic of Congo

This art work « erasure, shattering and reconstruction » is one of the fragments that make up the mystery of the African mask.

It isn’t just a piece of carved wood, it is also the night, the rituals, the dances,… which constitute a whole.

This piece is impregnated with it and ends up being part of this whole…

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